Core Skills

Marketing Automation

I understand the importance of crafting the right message to the the right customer at precisely the right time. The only way to accomplish this effectively is through data-driven, automated marketing and highly personalized customer journeys.

Mobile Marketing & Messaging

In today's smartphone-driven world, mobile content & design aren't just nice to have — they're a requirement. In addition to developing mobile-optimized emails, I am skilled at creating SMS/MMS and app (push & in-app) messaging.

Design & Development

From websites to emails and mobile app messages to online ads, I have nearly two decades of experience designing and developing for the digital landscape.

Customer & User Experience

My goal is to provide tools, services and solutions to the customer that are timely, personalized, simple to use, solve problems and provide a high level of value.

About Me

I am a seasoned professional with a unique combination of development expertise, design proficiency and extensive digital marketing experience. I specialize in creating highly personalized automated marketing campaigns gleaned from nearly two decades working in the email marketing landscape.

Web and Graphic Design

Design and develop visual and functional elements of websites and HTML email. Develop wireframes and visual concepts to determine page layouts, interactive elements and navigational flow for websites and mobile apps. Design artwork, illustrations, animations, banner ads, ecards and videos.

Project Management

Provide strategy for digital marketing initiatives. Develop insightful recommendations to improve technical, design and content elements. Develop plans, establish measurable outcomes, coordinate resources and monitor progress. Identify opportunities for new digital initiatives, increased efficiencies and expense reduction.

Technical Skills

Front-End Development, HTML, CSS/CSS3, AMPscript, SQL, JavaScript, Responsive Web Design (Bootstrap and Skeleton), Wireframing. Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign, and Illustrator. Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Hubspot, Braze, Yesmail, Wordpress, OpenText CMS, Webtrends and Google Analytics.

My skills

Marketing Automation


Front-End Design/Development


Responsive Design


Mobile Optimized Email


Project Management




"Any darn fool can make something complex; it takes a genius to make something simple."

Albert Einstein

My Work

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."

Steve Jobs


  • "I had the pleasure of having Jill as an integral member of the eCommerce team at New Track Media. Jill is both an excellent designer and developer. In addition to her strong technical abilities, Jill also possesses strong marketing skills. This is a rare combination of talents and made her a standout performer on the team. Her mobile optimization capabilities were essential to the growth of the digital business, which accounted for several million dollars in revenue each year. Jill's skills and professionalism are unparalleled and she would be an asset to any organization."

    Kristen A.

    Digital Marketing Director

  • "Jill Foley is an asset to any organization through her innovative approach to e-marketing solutions. She is a role model to creative services and marketing, and has the respect of her peers."

    Rodney W.

    Art Director

  • "Jill was a joy to work with. Her creativity and professionalism impressed me immediately and, best of all, her promotions helped improve our bottom line. Thanks, Jill!"

    Debra W.

    Circulation Director

  • "I worked with Jill for many years and was always amazed at her ability to communicate with associates of varying skill sets. She was very tuned into milestones, deliverable schedules, and the art of gathering a variety of requirements. I saw her get down in the tech trenches with the programmers, as well as bridge the gap between web designers and business owners by asking relevant questions and making insightful recommendations. While I'm sure she's keen on marketing her design skills, I'd lobby for her breadth of experience and her ability to plug into an organization as equally strong attributes."

    Mike D.

    Business Analyst III

  • "I found Jill to be a great asset, jumping in to the middle of a strict and massive email schedule. She improved our look and deliverability while making them mobile compatible and was always pleasant to work with. She was open to suggestion and change - even to the last minute. I'd gladly recommend her to any company who wants a creative, knowledgeable hard worker who's not afraid to jump in with both feet to get the job done."

    Ruthie K.

    Web Manager/Web Designer

  • "We saw an instant lift in consumer response once Jill took over our designs. Plus, she's wonderful to work with, insightful and creative!"

    Karen G.

    eCommerce Developer

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